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Run Routes

Rosedale Valley Trail

For those who live in the downtown core or West Toronto, the Rosedale Valley feels like a kind of eastern boundary in the city – one of the last roads […]

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Run Stores

Blacktoe Running Inc

95 Bathurst Street (at King)Toronto, Ontario M5V 0H7
Shoes, Clothing, Training

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Run Crews

Castle Runners

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm and Thursdays @ 6:30am

Bottom of the Baldwin Steps at Casa Loma

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The Journal

  • Why Students Should Run Too

    University and College years are often described as a time of self-discovery. For myself, my discovery came in the form of developing a new love and hobby; running. In my […]

  • “Do You Have to Run on Our Vacation, As Well?”

    Tell me if this sounds familiar. You and your non-running partner decide to go on a family vacation. Your home evolves into an atmosphere of joy and excitement as both […]

  • Finding The Time to Train

    When I was trying to qualify for the 2017 Boston Marathon, I started a blog (Brooklyn2Boston) to document the journey. The blog is long gone, but I was able to […]