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  • Running on the Mind

    Today’s post is in honour of Mental Health Month.  “Running is my therapy”. A common phrase that many people have heard and/or shared. But, what do we mean when we […]

  • Running Disney: Here for a Good Time. And Sometimes a Long Time.

    While many fairy tales end with happily ever after, this runner’s story actually begins with it. Anyone who knows me (or has seen my Instagram feed) knows that I am […]

  • When Does Running Get Easier for Beginners?

    It’s hypothesized that human ancestors first started to run nearly 2 million years ago – so why is it the case that running doesn’t feel any easier after all this […]

  • What I Learned Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

    Injuries happen. It’s a part of the running journey. An unfortunate part, but a part that we all have to deal with at some point.  The most recent setback for […]

  • Running through the ages: How to master it

    It is well known that sport has positive physical and mental health benefits at all ages. While sport drop out is common during the teenage years, many athletes decrease sport […]

  • New Runner Series: How to Join a Run Group When You’re A Solo Runner

    I have an embarrassing confession: I’m afraid of running groups. I find them intimidating and in my mind, I’ve always felt that I’d be too slow, too casual, too awkward […]

  • Know the Half of it: Tips for a Successful Half Marathon

    I love half marathons. There are solid reasons this distance has grown in popularity: it takes work and dedication, but doesn’t have the same second-job feel as marathon training. The […]

  • The Social Side to Running

    By: Dennis Holden Moving to a new city/town can be a struggle. Now add in a move across the Atlantic and you will find yourself in my (running) shoes at […]

  • Routed in the Six

    In a sport where consistency is vital for reaching your goals, it should come as no surprise that runners are creatures of habit. One of the clearest examples of a […]

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