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  • The High Five: Interesting Running Achievements in the Six

    As August winds down, the oppressive humidity and scorching temperatures of the summer start to fade away. For many, this signal of cooler weather conjures images of multi-coloured leaves and […]

  • Tracking your runs: Monitoring your cycle

    Females participating in aesthetic sports often talk about, or are impacted by, menstrual cycles. For example, within dance and gymnastics, females often experience their first period (menarche) later than ‘normal’, […]

  • The High Five of Favourite Running Socks: Let’s Sock and Roll

    Running and running shoes are a pair that are usually talked about a lot. Runners check out shoe reviews (or at least I do!) and we try different ones to […]

  • Tracking your runs

    Runners love to track. Tracking looks different for everyone, but most often takes the form of: Indicating what days you run Recording the distance or pace of your run  Totalling […]

  • Finding Your Why

    I’ve heard many times that it’s important to “Find Your Why?” But to be very honest, I struggle with what that means. Maybe my why is just lost. Sometimes I think I’ve found it. That I’ve found some magic reason that makes sense as to why I run.

  • Running “Prehab”: Preventing Injury with a CAMPT Physiotherapist

    It’s easy to take movement for granted. Each day we rely on the ability of our bodies to perform movements of daily life.  When we run, we utilize our muscles […]

  • How to Become a Better Runner: A Focus on Pelvic Health

    When I started running about a decade ago, if I ever thought about strengthening, I thought about the typical muscle groups–leg muscles, like quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles for power […]

  • Running and Pregnancy: What People Should Consider

    I often think about how amazing the human body is. The stamina, adaptability, and resilience that it continually demonstrates raises the bar as to what people are capable of. No […]

  • The High Five: It’s Getting Hot!

    Anyone else have a long run this past weekend that left you feeling “huh???” You know the feeling: training is flowing along beautifully and then suddenly you’re on the struggle […]

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