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  • Finding Meaning in Running 2.23 Miles: A Tribute to Ahmaud Arbery

    A long time ago, I convinced a friend of mine that we were going to “get fit” and maybe make a school team (we didn’t).  At 5AM before the world […]

  • Respectful Running: “I am blind, please go around me”

    Ableism consists, in part, of discriminatory behaviours where people without disabilities view themselves in positions of power, superior to individuals with disabilities (Goodley, 2014). In the disability research world, there […]

  • Deena Kastor: Let Your Mind Run

    In her book, Deena Kastor weaves together stories of her training and races with lessons on how she let go of negativity and learned to approach her running with positivity and gratitude. How can this mindset help you?

  • Running Rituals: Results and Re-living Race Day

    Race Day. For many, it feels like a lifetime ago. The initial quiet and darkness of the morning that fills the air. The excitement that builds and radiates through each […]

  • The High Five: Ultrarunning Films

    A new segment on our journal, join us for “The High Five” as we share a snapshot from a variety of running topics. From fuel favourites to destination races, running […]

  • How Yoga Can Complement Your Running Routine

    When we think of running, we don’t typically make an association to practicing yoga. Lacing up for a speed workout may seem inherently different to unrolling your yoga mat and […]

  • BLM and Running: The Marathon Continues

     In the year 2020, two main evolutions and developments to both recreational and competitive running occurred. Covid-19 put a wrench in traditional 10,000+ person marathons leading race directors and individuals […]

  • Running with Grief

    I lace up my shoes and head out. It’s not like I haven’t run before. I’ve run so many times over the past years. It’s just that this time feels […]

  • Going the Distance

    Am I a ‘runner’ yet? How many kilometres do I have to log? How many days per week do I have to run? What combination of answers to these questions […]

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