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  • Mountain to metropolis: rural versus city running

    I remember my first trail race vividly. It was the inaugural year of Round the Mountain (RtM), in my hometown of Kimberley, BC. Round the Mountain had a series of […]

  • Run With It: Running for a Cause in Boston

    For many in the running community, the Boston Marathon is the hallmark, the sought after race to run, the unicorn.  While the most common way to run the Boston Marathon […]

  • Running to Relax: Finding Peace in Every Stride

    I am someone who gets overwhelmed easily.  Sometimes life throws things at you that you aren’t prepared for and it can be difficult to feel in control of life when […]

  • Recover Like a Champ: Our Experience with the WHOOP Band 4.0 & the Garmin Body Battery

    How much do you think about your recovery? How much do you know about your sleep? We used the WHOOP Band 4.0 and the Garmin Body Battery for a month to find out what these tools could tell us about our sleep, rest, stress, and strain, and see if it made a difference in how we thought about our recovery.

  • Run with It: No Sleep ‘Til Brockville

    Introducing our guest writer Parm (He/Him; @toofastforthetroll). Parm embarked on a journey of camaraderie with some running friends not only to test the limits of running but also to strengthen […]

  • Run With It: Creating Connection, Creating Community

    Introducing Alejandro De La Cruz (he/him) @brownbeardrunning Today, he writes about his experience and motivation to create community through running. Alejandro became a member of the GTA running community when […]

  • What’s Stopping You? Excuses vs. Barriers in Running

    I spend a lot of my day interacting with runners. It’s rewarding because it highlights how diverse we are, coming to the sport from different backgrounds, for different reasons, with […]

  • Finding Joy Outside of Running

    I was once asked “Why would you ruin a perfectly good run, with a swim and bike before it?”. At the time I did not have a good answer. After […]

  • Running on the Mind

    Today’s post is in honour of Mental Health Month.  “Running is my therapy”. A common phrase that many people have heard and/or shared. But, what do we mean when we […]

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