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Why do you run?: Building a healthy relationship with running

Why do you run? Why did you start to run? Have you changed your ‘reason for running’ over time? How do you navigate these changes and maintain your […]

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Respectful Running: “I am blind, please go around me”

Ableism consists, in part, of discriminatory behaviours where people without disabilities view themselves in positions of power, superior to individuals with disabilities (Goodley, 2014). In the disability research world, there has recently been a call to adjust ableist rhetoric in physical activity guidelines and promotion (Smith et al., 2021). Current physical activity messaging includes phrases […]

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Going the Distance

Am I a ‘runner’ yet? How many kilometres do I have to log? How many days per week do I have to run? What combination of answers to these questions will make me a ‘runner’? These are questions you may have asked yourself before. I have been grappling with these very questions since I started […]

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