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The winds, wins and whines of winter

If the sudden drop in temperature, stranded transit vehicles and exhausted snow shovelers haven’t alerted you, winter isn’t coming, it’s here. With it comes the oft-repeated statement, “There’s no bad weather- only bad gear!” It’s a phrase that sends a slight chill down my spine, like that few steps into a headwind. Why do I […]

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Running through the Six: How the Design of the City Unconsciously Impacts Running

If you lived in Toronto circa 2005, you may recall there was a race put on by Nike. The race, runTO10K, had a playful marketing campaign pitting each neighbourhood against each other in friendly competition.  Smart quips centring around smack-talking the usual stereotypes of that neighbourhood were the focus. Gibes like: “Nice outfits, Rosedale, but […]

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Why Students Should Run Too

University and College years are often described as a time of self-discovery. For myself, my discovery came in the form of developing a new love and hobby; running. In my second year, I saw a friend fundraise around $1000 for a charity through the Scotiabank Marathon charity challenge. This was incredibly inspiring to me. Having […]

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